Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nifty News

Receiving weak signals from international markets and the impact of the slowdown in the rupee against the U.S. dollar has seen in Indian markets. Morning at 10.23 Sensex was trading 48.26 points lower at 17718.52 points. Nifty was trading at 17.85 points broke 5345.60 points.

Weakness in rupee against the dollar in the interbank foreign exchange recorded. Euro 5 paise against dollar in early trade American broke open at 55.49. Rupee closed at 55.44 on Monday 8 money was broke.

However, the pressure of the financial health of the Eurozone has seen in Asian markets. Nikkei, Shanghai Composite, weakness in Hamsng recorded. The U.S. markets closed lower on Monday.

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