Monday, 25 June 2012

Market to gain up a momentum of 5200 level

Anu Jain said, “It’s been a bull and bear fight to say the least. The market has been resilient, but the momentum that I was expecting or anticipating hasn’t come yet.”
She also said that every time the market managed to close over 5,150 or closer, we either had a gap down or negative news the next day.
She predicted that if Nifty is able to conquer 5200 level then we can see a strong momentum build up. This momentum build up may be such that the market moves up to a level of 5350.
She also added that if we continue to trade the way we are trading now, a level where we are not able to reach a level of 5200, there are chances that we can swing back to 5000 levels once again.

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