Wednesday, 13 June 2012

History of Stock Market

Do you know how the concept of Stock Market evolved??
The other day I was going through this article and found out some amazing facts realated to the Stock market and I really enjoyed reading them!!
These facts are very entertaining and can help you learn better about the Stock Market.
Lets go through these facts.

  1. The Dutch East india Company became the first company to issue stocks in 1602. It included of 358 stakeholders.
  2. London stock exchange was originally started by Johncastaing in 1658 in a Jonanthan Coffee Shop.
  3. Why the name Wall Street??? Duthch Settlers built up a wall in 1653 in order to protect themselves from the Indian attacks. This wall was later torn down in 1685 and a road was built where the wall used to be. In honour of the old “Wall” the street was named “Wall Street”.
  4. Alexander Hamilton (secretary of treasurer 1789-1795) was the person who started selling government bonds on the corner of the Wall Street and Broad Street, which later became NYSE.
  5. The original name of NYSE was Stock Exchange office. It was in 1817 when it was renamed as New York Stock Exchange.
  6. The Bombay Stock exchange was the first stock exchange in Asia which was started in 1875.
  7. “Button agreement” was signed in 1792 by a group of stock brokers giving brokers a set a rules to follow while buying and sellin of securities.
  8. Charles Dow Created Dow Theory and would become the basis behind technical analysis and market timing.
  9. The Candlestick patterns was used to pick the tops and bottoms of the market trend. This method was used by Homma Munehisa who also created the method for market timimng in 18th century.
  10. The NASDAQ began in 1971 when it was created as the first electronic stock exchange.
Well these were some of the facts of the Stock exchange. I really enjoyed them hope you too find them interesting..!!

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